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  • Most printers require ink cartridges in order to be able to print off your documents in the highest quality. It is important to do research into the type of ink you will need for your printer as sometimes you can damage the printer when using the wrong type of ink.

    You need to ensure when purchasing the ink, that it is the same make as your printer as it will be designed to use together to create the best results. It is also important to think about colour and black cartridges. It is always beneficial to stock within your printer as this will allow you to create the documents you need, in the colour that you need them.

    Dependent on your occupation will also depend on the size of cartridges you go for. If your job is working in an office with a number of people, it would be beneficial to get bigger cartridges. Although this may be more costly, it will be beneficial in the long run with less replacements and higher-quality printing.

    Here at Concept Direct, we provide a range of different ink cartridges from big brands such as Epson, Brother and HP.

    Monitor Parts & Accessories

    When personalising your desk space, whether this be in your home office or work office, you want to ensure you create a comfortable and professional environment. Here at Concept Direct, we provide a range of different products to help you do that.

    Display Privacy Filters

    Our Display Privacy Filters provide you with black out privacy from side views which allows you to hide your screen from third parties when looking at confidential information. There is a 2-way protective film that minimizes reflections and allows you to still get high-quality resolution from your PC or Laptop.

    Flat Panel Desk Mounts

    Take your office to the next level with a desk mount. Whether you have a laptop or PC, personalise your office set up with our range of desk mounts that are guaranteed to boost productivity and maximise comfort.

    Flat Panel Mount Accessories

    We provide a range of different products that will compliment your desk mount. These range from brackets, shelves and rail extensions, allowing you to enhance your space further.

    Desktop Sit-Stand Workplaces

    When working from home or in the office, it can get difficult having to sit down all day. The way of working has been revolutionised by desktop sit-stand workplaces. These allow you to either mount your desk onto a wall with control of height, have a rolling workstation or even a whole desk that changes height. Get your steps in whilst working.

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