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  • Over the years, tablets have been created by some of the biggest brands in the market including Apple, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung. When choosing a tablet, there are many features to consider including the operating system, battery life and storage options.

    Tablets are great for a range of different uses, whether this be watching films, online shopping, browsing through social media, work purposes or studying for university. There are also a range of storage options available to consider depending on what you will be using the tablet for. They can store music, photos and videos.

    Operating System

    The operating system will depend on which brand you decide to choose. For Apple, they will use the iOS system which is the same as the iPhone giving you the ability to connect both together whereas Samsung also uses Android. Concept Direct also provide the option to filter by operating system.

    Battery Life

    Battery life depends on the tablet you decide to choose dependent on the brand and model. Most tablets have at least 7 hours of battery life, giving you a portable experience.

    Tablet Size

    Tablets range from 7 to 12 inches and are all easily portable and perfect for watching films or playing games. All of our tablets are HD picture which provide excellent quality.

    Child-Friendly Options

    Tablets are a great way to keep children entertained and are great for educational purposes. We stock a range of different child-friendly options that provide easy-to-use controls. There are also many parental controls that can be used which allow you to supervise easily.

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