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  • Graphics Cards are very popular amongst gamers to ensure their PC games run smoothly and efficiently. Most PCs aren’t created with high enough graphics to keep up with some PC games which could cause gameplay to lag and ruin a gamer’s experience.

    If you are having issues with your PC games, instead of buying a whole new PC or monitor, it may be you need to upgrade your graphics card to improve your visuals and the running of your PC on a whole.

    At Concept Direct, we have a range of graphics cards from popular brands such as ASUS, HP, Lenovo and Matrox. To help you decide which graphics card you want to purchase, ensure you take a look at the games you like playing combined with the resolution you play at/ want to play at.

    Graphics cards are also popular amongst graphic designers or content creators. Graphic designers need their PC to be in perfect working condition showing the graphics as crisp and clear as possible, therefore instead of purchasing a new monitor, it is worth looking at upgrading your graphics card. Content creators will use their PC for creating and editing videos and need their experience to run as smooth as possible. Therefore, a graphics card would be needed to ensure the PC can handle the work being done on the PC including producing high quality videos.

    Whether you’re a gamer or a designer, installing a new graphics card will take your PC to the next level.

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